Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank God for Daddy

Pearl here! Our lives could have been a disaster this week if Daddy wasn't so smart.

Mommy got an email from the dog group she belongs to the other day and it said someone was giving away a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Don't know what that is? Here's a picture:

It's kinda cute I guess and even though Candi, one of our blogging friends is a Cavalier and we like her a lot, we are a two puggie home and me and Daisy really don't want any other doggies.

Anyhoodlies, as I was saying Daddy saved the day. After Mommy read the message she cried, "Oooh, look! Someone is giving away a Cavalier!"

Daddy: No.

Mommy: It's only 2 and a half.

Daddy: No.

Mommy: I love those dogs.

Daddy: No.

Mommy: It wouldn't be-

Daddy: No.

And then Mommy came to her senses and realized she only has 2 hands and can't walk for more than 2 pugs. So that was that. Phewf.

In other news, Mommy has been taking a lot of extreme close ups of me and my sister. We're not sure why and we don't really mind as long as the flash doesn't disturb like it did in this picture of me on my chair:

As you can see we are pretty photogenic. We would probably look pretty darn good on High Definition TV too. (by the way, we think Mommy and Daddy are finally going to take the plunge and get a new TV!)


The Devil Dog said...

Thank goodness your daddy's wiser head prevailed. As for the photos, the second one is very, very funny.


Liss said...

Is your mommie getting those shots for a photo bracelet?

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Sure I hope that Cavalier finds a forever home!
Great pictures!
Kisses and hugs

Archie and Melissa said...

your daddy sounds like my daddy - says emmitt.
at the pug party, there was a tiny japanese chin named alfafa that needed a home. i looked at fred and he said... no.
emmitt was so relieved. :)

Rachel said...

Aah, we love Cavalier Spaniels as well. They are so precious and gentle. But you ladies are right - it's pug town over there!
We do hope she finds a loving home, though - I'm sure she will, as she is stunning.
And the pictures of you ladies are GREAT.

Anonymous said...

I am not allowed to have any more doggies either!!! :) Or any more pets although I am trying lol.. 2 cats and 2 puggies is enough for the hubby.
I love the close up pictures! Especially the look of surprise on your second one!

Anonymous said...

the 1st one is soo cute ....

Anonymous said...

In our hearts we have room for lots and lots of dogs, so sometimes it's hard that our life (and pocketbook) doesn't have as much room. Two pugs can probably keep you pretty busy. I know one does here! Love the photos--as always!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the ridiculous part of that video is that...there is no treat!! She's attacking me with no real incentive! She licks me half way through just to throw me off, I think. Like "oh, ok - truce, mommy, for reals...." then BAM! She's back in full force.

Nevis said...

I agree with Roxy. Thankgoodness for the logic of your wise father. Pugs are the only way to go! (Although boston terriers ARE so cute, too)

Clover said...

Hi Pearl!
You girls are so photogenic! Daisy looks like me in that picture!
Love Clover xo

Frances Louise said...

Good pics by your Mommy! You guys are too cute . . . makes my parents want another pug also!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Thank pugness for your Daddy Person!