Sunday, October 31, 2010

Uh-oh. Halloweenie

Daisy here.

It's that time of year again when puggies get 'fraided because Mommy puts on funny clothes and hair and we can't even tell it's her! This year Mommy said she was the Red Queen but we don't get thats either because Pearl is the only queen in the house...

Even Auntie Maria got in on the act. Very scawy.

Sheesh. What's a pug to do? At least no one made me put on a costume today.

(Mommy's note: ...yet!)

Happy Halloweenies!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heater Hog

Daisy here!

The other day Mommy was sitting at her 'puter when she thought, "Why am I cold again even though the heater is on? And why does it smell like roasting pug in here?"

Here's your answer Mommy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pug Thoughts Monday

Pearl here!

Mommy had planned some other posts between last Pug Thoughts Monday and today but she was slackin' doing things like workin', getting her Halloweenie costume ready and here we are at Monday again and another PTM. To play, write what you think me or my creepy sister, Daisy, below are thinking.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pug Thoughts Monday

It's been a long time but it's baaaaccckkk!!! We're going to play Pug Thoughts Monday today! To play, look at the picture of Daisy below and post a comment with what you think she's thinking.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Puppy Pearl

Pearl here!

I used to have my own web site until Mommy changed the internets and now it's gone. But to celebrate my birthday a couple of weeks ago, Mommy said I could post stuff that used to be on my web site. So I decided to share some of my old diary entries and some puppy pictures!

March 12, 2000
Today we went for a drive in our new car. Mommy says the car is "sandalwood". Daddy says the car is "brown." I think the car is cozy except when it's hot and then the car is like the inside of the bbq.

April 21, 2000
We went to the Dinosaur State Park today. It wasn't such a great trip. There were huge monsters in front of the gift shop. Daddy said they were pretend dinosaurs but I barked and barked to warn everybody anyway. Everyone was laughing so hard, I don't think they heard me.

I liked the park better than the scary monsters except when I fell into some big puddles by the river. Daddy must have been scared too because he was shrieking like a Girl Guide with a squirrel in her tent. When I finally finished splashing and racing through the puddles at high speed , I looked at Daddy. He was covered in mud. He must have fallen into the puddles, too.

The worst part of the day was not at the Dino State Park at all but another place called "Fossil Rim". I don't know what a "fossil" or a "rim" is but I think they mean "big, scary bird that is going to peck through the car window and eat you." We drove around in our car for a million hours while all sorts of scary animals with horns and teeth came up to the car for food. Daddy fed the animals while Mommy shrieked and rolled her window up. I was pretty brave except when something called an "emu" came to the window. That thing was the scariest thing I had seen all day besides the monsters at the Dinosaur Park. I barked and barked and told Mommy and Daddy to drive away VERY FAST but they were laughing pretty hard at something so I don't think they heard.

February 3, 2001
Dear Diary, I am sorry I haven't written in so long, but Christmas came!

March 22, 2001
We drove all the way to Oklahoma today. I think Oklahoma must be somewhere in Canada, though, because it's so far. I tried to sleep most of the way, but Mommy and Daddy kept waking me up. They were singing their guts out. If I was the kind of dog that howled, I would have howled. Instead, I licked my pillow.

March 23, 2001
I liked Oklahoma! I especially liked our room because there were stairs which Mommy couldn't block off. She tried putting a cooler in front of them, but I just jumped right over it. I ran all the up the stairs and under the bed where some nice lady had left a bunch of plastic beads. I ate a few before Mommy came and got me.

I also liked our room because there was this huge fish in it. Usually, I like fish a lot - Mommy used to give me tuna when she wanted me to do something. Then she gave up and now she lets me do whatever I want. Except she didn't want me chewing on this fish. She said it was a "decoration". I think it should have been "lunch".

March 24, 2001
Before we drove home from Oklahoma, we went to the beach. I went into the lake and drank three bellies full of water. Mommy got bitten by some big bugs and Daddy unloaded and loaded the car. I had fun eating all the stuff on the beach - sand, garbage, and rocks, but Mommy said she would rather have all her toe nails removed than stay another minute.