Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Howl-o-Ween Part 2

Mommy says she feels like a bad TV promo today - you know the ones where they tease you and then when you watch the show you realize you saw all the good stuff in the promo?

She didn't mean to make yesterday's post so mysterious. It was all about running out of time. You see, we were in the newspaper! Well, okay, they didn't actually write about us in particular but they did get a picture! Sort of. Mommy was going to take a picture of the article and the picture yesterday but didn't have time (she had a job interview where the man was very mean! She would write about it here but she would have to use lots of bad words that puggies shouldn't hear).

But Mommy learned today that the article is online and she snagged the photo we're in.

As you can see, my patrolling paid off because while I was out there checking things out, a wild pack of dogs came flying through and one of the dogs was attacking my sister Daisy! (Mommy and Daisy say "playing" but I disagree). Mommy didn't see the cafuffle because she was taking a picture of something else but she heard my barking - it was the bark I do when I'm mad at another doggie for attacking my sister.

Of course I'm not exactly barking in the photo. I'm onto the next stage of butt sniffing which really tells the other doggie that I am in charge!

Really, what would Daisy do without me?

Monday, October 27, 2008


Pearl here!

I went to Pugoween with Mommy and Daisy. Mommy wasn't going to take me because I don't like hanging out with a bunch of strange doggies but something happened last week. When Mommy got ready to go out the door to take Daisy to the vet's, I was right there! I was quite upset when I was told I couldn't come and then Mommy found a little poo upstairs. As I never poop in the house, I said it wasn't me! Mommy says I probably didn't even know I had done it. She thinks I was stressed out by staying alone. Anyhow, when she said I could come to Pugoween, I was very excited.

I wore a costume for about 3 minutes. As you can see I look very scary and I didn't want to frighten the other dogs (and Mommy was worried someone's eye would get poked out).

Daisy wore her costume for a little longer than me. I don't know what she'd been drinking but you can tell she's drunk, right?

Usually she runs around like a fool at the pug events but this time she just kept sitting by people's feet (we think this first guy is the photographer from the local paper. More on this later!)

Finally, Mommy realized that Daisy was hot. See her tongue sticking out? It wants water!

But she wasn't as thirsty as this puggie:

Anyhoodlies, Mommy decided to take Daisy's costume off and sure enough that crazy dog started running around like a wild wolf.

She even joined a gang:

She met a lot of other puggies. There was a cowpug who came sniffing:

And a pumpkin pug who was even crazier than her:

While she was off having fun and playing, I was patrolling, making sure everything was okay.

No one got hurt but tomorrow Mommy's going to post some evidence for why I was patrolling and how I handled the situation - AND how it was documented in the local newspaper.

Pug love from,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We care!

The Care2 Petition site is hosting a petition to help outlaw dog chaining. We signed it. You can sign it, too.

In our old neighborhood, there was this one family who used to leave their dog chained up all day outside. I swear, it broke my heart every time I walked by. I never understood why these people got a dog in the first place. *shakes head* That dog wasn't aggressive but I've seen other dogs (one time a dog tied up to a pully system between trees) who you just knew would take off your head if you got near. I guess that's the point but then geesh, get an alarm system, not a dog.

Anyhow, I love that there is a possibility that this behavior of chaining dogs outside could be outlawed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Ready

Pearl here!

I don't really like Halloween very much. I don't get to eat any of the treats, strangers who I can't lick come to the door and Pugoween is full of doggies. But Daisy likes going to the puggie events and so Mommy signed them up to go to Pugoween in a couple of weeks. Last night we were going through my old costumes to see what fit Daisy. Mommy let me wear one of my old costumes too. It's a cozy one.

For some reason the next two pictures make Mommy laugh so much she nearly pees her pants:

This is the costume Daisy is going to wear - an old skunk costume Mommy made for me a few years ago.

It looked better on me but I suppose she looks okay too.

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cutie Patootie

We have a new Cutie Patootie of the Month over at Pearl's Pug Love web site. Here's a sneak peak:

Come on by the web site and learn more about our friend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank God for Daddy

Pearl here! Our lives could have been a disaster this week if Daddy wasn't so smart.

Mommy got an email from the dog group she belongs to the other day and it said someone was giving away a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Don't know what that is? Here's a picture:

It's kinda cute I guess and even though Candi, one of our blogging friends is a Cavalier and we like her a lot, we are a two puggie home and me and Daisy really don't want any other doggies.

Anyhoodlies, as I was saying Daddy saved the day. After Mommy read the message she cried, "Oooh, look! Someone is giving away a Cavalier!"

Daddy: No.

Mommy: It's only 2 and a half.

Daddy: No.

Mommy: I love those dogs.

Daddy: No.

Mommy: It wouldn't be-

Daddy: No.

And then Mommy came to her senses and realized she only has 2 hands and can't walk for more than 2 pugs. So that was that. Phewf.

In other news, Mommy has been taking a lot of extreme close ups of me and my sister. We're not sure why and we don't really mind as long as the flash doesn't disturb like it did in this picture of me on my chair:

As you can see we are pretty photogenic. We would probably look pretty darn good on High Definition TV too. (by the way, we think Mommy and Daddy are finally going to take the plunge and get a new TV!)