Friday, May 21, 2010

Salad Bar

Daisy here!

It really nice to go out into the back yard and chomp on the salad bar Daddy made for me. Mommy says she doesn't like seeing it come out the other end so much because she sometimes has to help (oooh, Mommy says I maybe shouldn't tell that part of it!), but I loves me my salad bar so much.

Thanks Daddy! I think I'm full now!

Monday, May 10, 2010

For Daddy

We've had a busy week. We went to the dog park twice and both times there were no dogs on the little dog side so we went on the big dog side! We didn't like it so much. We were scared of the big guys and then Mommy got scared when one of them started barking at her. She's not used to big scary barking dogs so next time we think we'll stick to the small dog side even if no one is there.

Then I went to school with Mommy! She was giving a lecture on learning and so she showed the class how great I am at eating treats. Oh, wait. She said no, that wasn't what we were showing the class. Anyway...I ate treats and visited with the students and got lots of love. It was great. I think every day should be bring your pug to work day.

Daddy's team has been working hard this week trying to beat our friends' Martha and Bennie's team the Penguins (sorry Martha and Bennie!). But tonight could be the last night if the Penguins win. Since we already made an awesome good luck poster for the Canadiens, we thought tonight we would "talk some smack" (Mommy told us that's what it's called) about the Penguins (again sorry Martha & Bennie!).

Even though we loved Syd the Kid Crosby when he was playing for Canada in the Olympics, now, not so much.

Our friend Salinger gave us a great idea when he called Sydney "Cindy" so we made this.

Don't break a nail, Cindy (that's the smack part!) and please, please, PLEASE don't beat the Canadiens or Daddy will be very sad.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Go Habs go!!!

Daddy has been having a good week! It was his birfday and I made him this bowl (Mommy helped me a bit). My sista is giving it a good sniff!

But then his favorite hockeys team the Montreal Canadiens beat another team last week so that now they are playing against Pittsburg! Wherever that is! I don't cares too much about the hockeys but my daddy sure loves it a lot and he sure loves his Canadiens almost as much as me!!! Because Daddy loves the Canadiens so much we want them to win so me and my sista are sending good pug luck the Canadiens!!!!


Saturday, May 1, 2010


We got the nicest surprise! As a thank you to Daisy sending our friend Brigitte the sweater Mommy made for her, Brigitte and her Mom sent us a super-duper, pugalicious box. Do you see our names? And the name of our blog? How pawesome is that?!!!

We had to check it out thoroughly, then Daisy just decided to lie next to our beautiful new box and groom.

Image Hosted by
By djpugmama at 2010-06-30

Speaking of grooming, our friends also sent us some that fantastic dog soap they use! Though it smells yummy, we're afraid this means we're going to have to baths soon - but we think this soap is going to change our minds about baths!