Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yeah, I'm all that

Pearl here!

This past weekend, our playgroup had a Halloween party at this very cool place. Before we went I tried on Daisy's costume.

It was too big so Mommy had to bring it back to Target and get a smaller one (ah...note to Mom - you nee to feed us more so we can fit into mediums, please).

Before our small dog party, we helped Mommy check people in at the big dog party. Here I am ready for customers.

And then this happened. Jail.

"Uh, hello, Mom. Can't you see how worried and sad we are in here? This thing is made for babies. Who knows what happened in here." (*Mommy's note: this was our friend Tara's playpen she brings with her for her 4 puggies)

Daisy even tried to escape, but no dice.

We thought things were getting better when Mommy carried us through the big dog party (kind of scary! We got sniffed by an Irish Setter. We're pretty sure he was trying to decide how we'd taste), but she fooled us when she put us into a little side room with our friends. Now, we were ALL in jail.

It was pretty rough, but we finally got to put on our costumes.

And socialize. This guy had a lot to say, let me let me tell you.

And this gal was sure surprised to learn that she had a headless horseman on her back.

But the best part came at the end when I won an honorable mention in the costume contest. The ladies from the animal league let me pick whatever I wanted from the things they had brought to the event. I chose a soft plush bone! It's soft and a bone! And I love it! And I think those judges did a great job. My stinky sister didn't win a thing! (don't tell anyone but I will share my bone with her anyway).

Oh, boy, this is a long post today! It's probably because we're so happy to have our bloggie back. We found it really hard when the meany had control over it. We're so grateful to our friends for all the support and we also want to say a big thank you to Yoboy on the Google help forum. He's not a Google employee, but a "top contributor" which probably means he's won a few plush bones in his life - or if he hasn't, he should!

Monday, October 24, 2011

We're back!

After weeks, Google finally got our blog back from the nasty hijacker! And just in time,  too, because we have some awfully cute pictures from our Halloween party to post but right now, we're going to rest after a busy (stressful day - our blog had been accidently deleted and Mommy had a major freakout when that happened).

Yay to Google!