Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thongs - not the under kind

Pearl here! Mommy has been busy this week making gifts for Auntie Janet whose birthday is next month. Mommy made "book thongs" with our pictures on them! Daddy and cousin Jenn laughed when Mommy told them she was making "thongs" out of beads but Mommy insists that's what they're called.

Here's a couple of pictures of them. Mine's first and really the best because it has my picture on it. Daisy's is okay. She's kind of cute sometimes (but NEVER when she's licking my eyeballs).

P.S. A book thong is a bookmark - we don't know why it's called a "thong" maybe because it's made out of beads and not paper...?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks Daddy!

Daisy here! Daddy was really nice and built me and sistah a bee-yoo-tiful patio in the back yard a couple of weeks ago. I'd like more flowers to nibble on but these ones will do just fine (as long as Mommy doesn't catch me with my face in the flower pot. For some reason, she gets mad when I eat yummy flowers. Guess she's never tried them).

Here's me and sistah in our favorite spots in the morning:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogging confusion

To all my blogging friends who might have been confused by messages left from "Veronica Arch", I'm sorry! I have two Blogger accounts - one as TwoCutePugs and one under my pen name, Veronica Arch. I hadn't been using Veronica's account very much since starting the pug blog but recently I have been bouncing back and forth between accounts and forgetting when I'm "Veronica" and not TwoCutePugs.

I hope to remember in the future not to mix them up but at least you'll know now if some romance writer is leaving you messages on your pug blog!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spider Love & Anal Glands

I took both pugs to the new vet on Tuesday. Daisy was having a re-check of her anal glands. I finally left our other vet's because they weren't doing anything about her ongoing infection except giving her more and more meds. This new doc, flushed her glands out and said if the problem persists, we're going to look into surgery. He's been doing the surgery for 13 years and has never had a problem (the big complication from anal gland surgery gone wrong is fecal incontinence. Yeah. Yuck.)

I really like the new guy. He actually listens and takes his time. At the old vet, I always felt so rushed. Plus there was always this huge wait to check out. The final straw came when I took Pearl about a month ago for her allergies and only learned at check out after waiting half an hour to pay that the vet had given us 5 medications and only told me about 1.

What I like about the new vet too is they have someone come in after you've spoken to the doctor and go over every charge and every procedure, recommendation, etc. Ahhh, very nice.

Daisy was free and clear this last recheck - meaning for the first time in MONTHS she didn't have any fluid in her glands. So all fingers and paws crossed, let's hope this keeps up.

And because I don't have any pictures of Daisy and Pearl having their anal glands expressed (hee), here are a couple from the other day. It's the same bed and same stuffie (a little spider) a few hours apart.



Monday, June 16, 2008

Pug Thoughts Monday

Pug Thought is here! To play, write in the comments what you think Daisy is thinking in the picture below.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So fierce!

Pearl here! I won an honorable mention over at Pug and Bugg's model competition this week. Go me!

Mommy meanwhile has been laughing her pants off at a web site of cartoons she just discovered. Mommy figures the cartoonist, Natalie Dee must have a puggie because she's so right about so many puggie things. Here are a few of the funniest (and most G rated of the cartoons):

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pug Thoughts Monday

It's Pug Thoughts Monday! To play, write a comment about what you think Daisy is thinking below:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy Mommy

Mommy's been busy doing crafty things. She made some coasters up from a kit she bought on the weekend. The first two she made are super-duper-wonderful but the other two aren't. What?! It's true even if Mommy says me and Daisy are equally cute I know that I'm way cuter and therefore my coasters are the best. I mean just look at Daisy in the last picture. She's got a flower on her head. Okay, Mommy put it there but still. Cute? Pfffff.

I guess you can decide for yourself. Here are my wonderful coasters:

And here are Daisy silly coasters (no one FOR SURE is going to want to put their drinks on these. Oh, wait. No they TOTALLY will to cover that face):

Pug snorts from,

Monday, June 2, 2008

Paws in the Park

Mommy volunteered at Paws in the Park yesterday. It was a fundraising for dog parks in Rochester. The organization is sooooo close to collecting all their money. We might have dog parks by the fall!

We volunteered to help our dog group by sitting at the table and talking to all the nice people who came by! I wuvved it because there were cookies! And my sista! And my daddy (mommy volunteered him too). Best of all there was a pool with hotdogs in it! Doggies with big noses were able to bob for hotdogs but me and my sister just drank the yummy water.

Here's me and Pearl in front of our booth!

Sorry we don't have any more pictures but Mommy was so busy talking, she didn't have time to take pictures!