Friday, August 13, 2010

So close and yet so far

Pearl here!

When Mommy came out today to take pictures of us, I sat nicely, posing in the grass.

Meanwhile my sister ate grass...

...made faces...

...and looked liked the hunchback pug of Notre dame:

Proving once again, what a creepy little sister is. And to think that we nearly got rid of her yesterday!

See, when we were at the dog park yesterday this little 5 year old girl went CRAZY over Daisy. She held out her hands saying, "I want her!!!" and even followed us to the car where Mommy let her hug and kiss Daisy while Mommy strapped me into my seat belt. The little girl even asked "Do you like her?" I tried saying, "NO! Please take her off our hands." But Mommy kept telling her that we were keeping her. Geesh. The little girl tried and tried but in the end, Mommy didn't give Daisy to her. Bummer.

Mommy says I would be sad if Daisy went to live somewhere else and I say, "heck no!". But then I think about the times when I get to bite her butt and use her for warmth when it's cold out and then maybe, okay, yeah, I can see that I might miss her a little if she wasn't here. But only a little.