Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cloud nine

Daddy couldn't believe Mommy came home with another bed for me the other day. He said we already have too many, but Mommy saw this and couldn't resist. I have pretty much been in this bed since she brought it home. Dad calls it the lifeboat or dinghy but I call it "Cloud Nine".

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pointy buildings and scary fish

Hello! Pearl here.

Can you tell where we were last week?

Toronto! Daisy and I didn't get to see this pointy building that costs about a thousand dollars to take to the top.

But we did enjoy the place we rented while there. Well, I was enjoying it on my own:

Until Daisy snuggled up onto my space. Good grief. Look how big she looks - a big GOOF that is.

I had to tell Mom to put me in the bed where Daisy won't go.

While we were relaxing Mom and Dad went see these guys at the new aquarium (Dad has talked about getting an aquarium. I sure hope he never gets fish like this for it - there will be no kibble left because you can tell by just looking at these two that they are piggies)

Mom really liked the jellyfish display. I think, what's the big deal? It glows and it's stringy. Hmmm...maybe it's good to eat though, right?

Next time, maybe we will go with Mom and Dad to that aquarium and I'll push Daisy into the shark tank. heehee That would teach her not to steal my blankie space!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We have the worst secretary in the whole world

So Pearl here after like 3 billion years. I don't know what the heck our secretary (aka Mom) has been doing these past months but it sure was not giving us lots of treats to stuff our little bellies with so that we gain 10 pounds. And it wasn't updating our blog. Sheesh.

Since our last post, we've gone through a few seasons and now we have our first snow. We kind of like  it but we also need to stay warm so that's what we're doing. Right near the kitchen just in case Mom decides to feed us early.