Saturday, January 29, 2011

My terribles life

Daisy here.

As you can see, I'm not a happy puggie.

It all started yesterdays...

I woke up, ate my breakie, went outside with my sister, then played with Daddy. But then something weird happened. I got taken to see my vet, Dr. G. Usually, I don't mind going to see Dr. G since I go every 3 weeks to have my bum squeezed but yesterday was way different!

This time I went there and they LEFT ME!!!!!! I waited and waited until after the lunches and then Dr. G gave me something that made me feel real sleepy. Next thing I knew, I wokes up to THIS!!!! The horribles collar around my neck. What was Dr. G thinking?!

I'm having a hard times doing everything. I bumped into Mommy's calves about 20 times already because I can't tell how bigs I am with the collar. Mommy had to put carrots on my water bowl so I would drink out of it. Mommy says, too, that I am acting exactly the way I act when I wear clothes - I just sit down and look terribly terribles - exactly the way I feels with this dumb thing around my neck.

The list of terrible terribles goes on. I can't play. I can't go up and down the stairs. I have to have my leg wiped dry every time I come in from the back yard! And I get snow in the collar because it's stupid. And I can't lick anyone's feet!

Even though the collar is the worst, you wouldn't believe what I discovered - Dr. G also shaved my front leg and put some stitches in it, the kind Mommy uses to stitch up her crochet stuffed animals. I think Dr. G has gone off the rails.

So you can see how terribles my life is now. Mommy says I have to keep the collar on for 2 whole weeks. That's like 75 sleeps to a puggie!

But there is one good thing about my lifes and that's my wonderful bloggy friends. Thanks for all your comments and helping Mommy feels better yesterday. She said she aged 10 years over the past couple of days which isn't great because she's so old already!

Mommy also wants me to tell you that Dr. G said the thing they took out of my leg (what?!! they took something out of me?!) doesn't look like anything to be worried about - but Mommy is going to worry anyway until they tell her for sure that was nothing serious. We should find out by the end of next week. Until then I am just going to curl up on the couch. Wake me when this stupid collar is off!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick with worry

This is Sue, pug mommy to Pearl & Daisy. I'm sitting here sick with worry because we found a lump on Daisy's leg last night. Thank goodness for our wonderful vet. He was able to see her right away this morning.

He doesn't know what it is and gave us a few suggestions for what to do. We chose to have the lump removed and biopsied. She's having her surgery this afternoon and I will pick her up later today. She's going to have wear a collar for a little while so she doesn't lick her leg - she's not going to like that! But we'll manage - treats will help I'm sure.

And then we wait for the results. Oh, boy. it's going to be a rough couple of days.

Here's a picture I took of sweet Daisy earlier this week playing with her zeeba:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mystery Shirt

Pearl here!

When Daddy went back to work after Christmas vacation, there was a present for him. He wasn't sure who it was from but he had a sneaking suspicion it was from nice students named Tristan and Nick because it was from the Seattle Pug Rescue and they both come from Seattle.

You can't read it in the picture but it says Seattle Pug Rescue on the needle thingy (Mommy thinks it's called the Space Needle but she could be totally wrong)

But even though they left the package at his office, he didn't think the shirt was from him because it was a small. So he brought it home and we had a good sniff.

I even tried it on thinking that it might be for one of us. But nope. As you can see, it was too big.

We think they left the shirt for Mommy which is super duper because 1) Mommy loves pugs and 2) Mommy loves shirts!

So thank you Tristan and Nick! What a nice surprise.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The true Pearl

Daisy here!

So's everybody thinks that my sister, Pearl, is a sweet puggie who likes to lie around on her teddy chair.

But the truth is, my sister is a stone cold KILLA!!! See? I haves photographics evidence.

And I LOVES it!!!! I bonk Pearly on the face to get her to play with me. Then she attacks the poop out of me.

Mommy likes it when we play, too, as long as I don't run between her legs and almost knock her down (gee, Mom, you should try it down here. It's fun!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh, no, Canada

Pearl here.

Daddy is very sad today because Canada lost the gold medal game last night at the World Junior Hockey Championship.

(btw - not Daddy. He's one of the players.)

We think Daddy needs cheering up. Mommy found this cute little owl on the internet. She's cuckoo crazy for owls these days. This guy is a part of a bigger picture that she is using for her screensaver.

But come to think of it, Daddy's not so crazy about owls. I think what he needs is a kiss from Daisy. She's always ready to give one.

I don't like being kissed by Daisy, but I bet it would fix Daddy's sadness. Or at least it would give her someone else to kiss besides me! I'd say that's killing two birds with one stone but Mommy won't like any birds being killed especially if they are owls.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pug Workout Edition



Cool down or "Mom, that's enough of that. When's dinner?"