Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Early Recycled St. Paddy's Day Greeting

Mommy is a big lazy bones and so instead of making us a brand NEW St. Patrick's day greeting for tomorrow, she's recycling an old one she made a couple of years ago. Sheesh. If we had thumbs we'd make our own...but then if we had thumbs we'd opening the cupboard and eating all the kibble so we probably wouldn't have time to make any e-greetings!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flowers and pokey plants

It's spring! It's wet! Our dog group is marching in the St. Patty's day parade today but we don't march or do rain so we're at home snuggling.

Last weekend, Mommy and Daddy went to see some flowers and pokey plants at Sonnenburg Gardens & Mansion . Mommy got some new close up lenses for her camera so she took a lot of pictures. We don't really care about flowers unless we can eat them but Mommy had fun.

Mommy loved the flowers so much and couldn't wait for spring to put some in our yard so she bought a little batch and brought them home. We checked them out but Mommy wouldn't let us eat them. Rats.