Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lookin' good in my Auntie Melissy Cozy Couture

Pearl here!

So Mom finally got her act together and ordered me my very own sweater vest and barklava hat made by Aunt Melissy. I've been needing a new sweater because I have some stinky arthritis near my back end and my other two sweaters were not giving me enough breathing room near my legs and lower back.

But my new sweater vest is perfect! I have a lot of range of motion and it's so easy to take my sweater off. Plus, I look mighty adorable in my new outfit. I had a photo session yesterday with Mom & Dad and for some reason they were laughing their brains out. I don't really get that part, but I was nice and toasty and styling in my new duds so I just ignored them.

Of course, as you can see my creepy sister had to get into some of the shots. But she didn't get an outfit because she's naughty.

Oh, wait. Correction.

Mom says it's because she doesn't like to wear clothes and sits like a statue whenever Mom dresses her in anything. But I still say she's naughty.

I hope everyone is as cozy as me this weekend!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A gene for snuggle worm?

Pearl here!

Mom has been reading an article about doggie DNA in the most recent issue of  National Geographic. It says that there is not a lot of DNA difference between breeds and that if you switched maybe like 3 genes, you could turn a pug into a labrador. Or something like that. I was kind of confused because I thought genes were the blue pants Dad wears. But no, there are things inside me, you and every living thing on the planet.

The article had a graph showing 85 doggie breeds clustered into 4 groups - wolflike, herders, hunters and mastifflike. Doggies like chow chows have mostly wolflike and a bassett hounds are mostly hunters. Guess what puggies are? Mostly herders. Yeah, we know. Mommy was like, "waaahhhht?" But then she remembered how me and Daisy bump into her leg when we're running to get treats in the kitchen. She thinks maybe that might be herding behavior or it could just goofballness.

Mom actually thinks that puggies have mostly snuggle worm DNA and she can prove it with this picture of me from this morning.

But I don't know. I think I see a little wolf - what do you think?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh, no she didn't

Pearl here.

My sister and I don't look like we've be scarred this week, but we have.

Mom gave us a bath the other day which is bad enough. But then as she was getting ready to go to work, she noticed me sitting on my blankie shivering. I thought she should stay home from work until I was warm. But no. Instead, she got out this:

Mom calls it a "hair dryer" but I call it a torture device. Did you know that thing blows warm air?! And makes a funny noise? And that Mom grabbed me and WOULD NOT let me go? She said she couldn't go to work with me shivering like that so she held me while I was trying my hardest to get away until my furs was dried.

Then it was Daisy's turn. Oh, boy. Daisy was too quick and Mom couldn't hold her squiggly body long enough to get her furs completely dried. But my silly sister did not have to be dried completely because she wasn't shivering. She was just her regular goofy self.

I tell you, if Mom tries that thing on me ever again, I am going to scream.

I think this guy in the purple should write a song about us and the things we have to go through.

We hope all our friends have a good weekend without baths or blow dryers!