Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A taste of spring

Pearl here!

I don't know why Daisy is giving stink eye:

I'm the one who is grumpy.

You wanna know why? Because besides being her goofy self,

Daisy is eating all the yard! 

There's not going to be anything left for me.

Mom says that's not possible. That there's plenty of yard for us both to eat. But I don't know...Daisy sure can be a piggy pug. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Doggies living in the TV

Daisy heres!

So our friend, Baby and her mom, Ruth, told us about a show on Animal Planet called Too Cute (um, did they totally steal the name of our bloggie or whats?!). We had to go and checks it outs because the episode Baby watched had puggies in it. Mom was oohing and ahhing. It got me and sister a little scared because it almost sounded likes she was going to go out and get a puppy!

As for me, I was just freaked out by the doggies living the television. I gets that Momsy was watching a show but there were still dogs in our tv. Do you have that problem too?

Here I am trying to figure out how to get them out:

It didn't matter which way I looked or how much I barked, they stayed stucks in the tv...until the show ended. Weirds, right?

Besides being scared Mom was going to go out and get a new puppy from the show, we were also scareds because the pug puppies' mom and dad did agilities trainings and competing!!! We don't even understands. Agilities stuff means you have to get off the couch, right? Amazing. We really hope Mommy doesn't get any ideas from that Animal Planet.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ready for our close ups!

Daisy heres!

So Mom had a birthday last weekends. We think she is about 475 years old but we're not sures. What we do know is that she's old not like us spring chickens.

Anyhoodlies, Mommy has been wanting a new lens for her super duper camera. The one that came with the camera brokes and Mommy really wanted a close up lens. Guess what? She got it! (Thanks to Daddy, Auntie Janet and Granny Caroline). So guess other what? She's been taking picture of us! Surprised? We're not. (Mom says when the guy at the camera store asked what she usually takes pictures of, she said, "my dogs". We knows that sure is no lie!)

So here are a few pictures with Mom's new lens.

We're pretty sures there's going to be plenty more! We will try and be good models, and maybe we will even get a few cookies.

Happy weekend!