Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Daisy here!

I'm doing muchs better! No more Big-D, but I'm not letting Mommy off the hook so easily so I haven't pooped since Monday. She keeps asking me and I keeps saying, "Nopes. Don't needs to go." Mommy thinks I will go soon and if not, I'm seeing my regular vet on Friday for my annual.

Happy (poop free!) Wednesday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Keeping Mommy on her toes

Daisy here!

So I's been thinking that Mommy has been having a bit too much fun and relaxation this summers and thought it was time to shake things up.

This is me yesterday morning before the trouble started:

It's hard to tell by just looking at me but my belly was getting ready to go all "Excorsism-y" (like the pea soup only from the other end). The Big-D (diarrhea) started just after lunch when I asked to go out and then stayed in the mudroom where I left Mommy an unexpected present. It wasn't much but it was enough to scare Mommy. Even when I was a puppy and had wormies, the Big-D didn't just leave me unannounced. The unexpected pooping happened a few more times, in the living room and kitchen. I felt like a cow!

Things got worse. Mommy tried to give me the tiniest piece of bean later because she and Daddy had to go out and I had to go in my crate and I ALWAYS get bean. I sniffed it but didn't want it. This has NEVER happened, evers. This worried Mommy more, but not quite enoughs so I then put on my saddest, sickest face and could hardly move around the house. But even that wasn't enough, so I had some poops with what might have been bloods.

That did it.

Mommy brought me to the emergencies vets at 9:00 last night. Everybody said I was really cute and the doctor gave me some medicine. Mommy felt felt better because she learned I didn't have a fever which she was worried about.

Today, I'm feelings much better. I had some Big-D this morning but it wasn't like yesterday at all so Mommy and the vet think I'm on the mend. I hope so, too, because I'm getting hungry! (I don't like rice for breakfast - the chicken was good though...)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Air Show, Scare Show

Daisy here!

Yesterdays, we heard a huge booming noise outside. Mommy said, "They're here" and I ran outside barking my little brains out, looking for whoever Mommy was talking about. Turns out "they" were big boomer jets in the sky called "Blue Angels" (Daddy says 'blue angels' are farts you light with a match but these were not the same). They have been practicing for the air show this weekend right over our house.

This one came so close, Mommy could read the writing on the wings!

Me and my sister stayed busy, toodling around the yard while Mommy frantically tried to snap piccies of the jets.

But, boy those Blue Angels practice for a long time! We got hots and tireds and had to rest.

Turns out, we're weren't the only ones in the garden. We found this guy on the watering can. He probably had a really good view of the Blue Angels from where he was sitting.

Looks like we have plenty more boomer jets to look forward to as the air show lasts all weekend. Although Mommy loves the planes, we are going to stay inside where it's quieter.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leaking Pug

Pearl here!

It's too hot to sit outside today so I'm lying in my bed. Even though it's nice and soft, I like to put my head on the carpet so I can feel any vibrations near my food bowl.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!