Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuni Tribute

Sweet Winston Wilbur thought of having a memorial for our dear friend, Tuni, who passed away recently. Winston figures since Tuni loved her beds so much, it would be a great tribute if her friends posted pictures of themselves in their beds.

We loved Tuni and want to pay tribute to her - but we have to cheat a bit. We're away on vacation and even though Mom brought some beds, she didn't bring a cord so her camera can hook up to the 'puter. We also just have our little laptop which doesn't have all the pictures that our big computer has at home. So though we might not technically be in beds in the pictures below, we think these pictures capture the snuggly spirit of Tuni.

For you, Tuni! We love you and miss you.

Friday, July 13, 2012

What the hellacopter?!

Pearl here.

I'm quite concerned. Mom's gotten out the luggage which means she's going somewhere. She says we're going, too, but you can never be sure. I told her I'd rather us all just stay home, but for some reason she's dragging us to Rhode Island which sounds really far away. She washed a couple of our beds and some stuffies to pack in the car tomorrow which is a good sign because I'm pretty sure she and Dad aren't going to use those things.

But even though she keeps telling me not to worry,  I'm not taking any chances. I'm going to sit right here to make sure she doesn't forget me!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mom, you're fired, jail time and remembering a stinky "gotcha"

Pearl here! Remember me? My mommy used to post pictures and stories about me, but lately, she's been too "tired' or too "busy" or watching too much True Blood to update our bloggie. Daisy and I have seriously been considering firing her for good! But where else are we going to get another secretary who will work for free AND give us belly rubs. Dad says he's also too busy.

We've been having a pretty good summer so far - except when Daisy tried to escape garden jail. See, Mom had gone out front to do some weeding which she like, NEVER does. We wanted to come out, too, so she put up a little fence for us.

Everything was fine until the mail lady came by and Daisy busted out! Mom had no idea Daisy could get out of the garden jail! Here Mom was knee deep in the garden with no worries about our safety and then boom, Daisy was following the mail lady to the next house!!!!

So no more garden jail for Daisy!

Speaking of my stinky sister, I see that today is Canada Day and so that means it's also Daisy's Gotcha Day. It was 5 years ago that Mommy and Dad brought home my nutty, stinky baby sister. Even though she's a big pain in the butt, she's also a pretty good sister most of the time and for some reason Mom and Dad love her like crazy.

So Happy Gotcha Day Daisy!