Sunday, August 24, 2008

Christmas in July

I think Christmas is so great that it should be every month but the humans finally caught on at least a little and Liss over at Purs 'N Snorts held a Christmas in July. We were paired up with Tybalt the Prince of Cats and boy, he sure is! We got his presies the other day and Mommy took lots of pictures. Thanks so much Tybalt! You're one smart, generous kitty.

Here's our first goody. Or goodies. Two colorful tennis balls.

This is Daisy checking one of the balls out. She played with it like crazy afterward!

Our next fantabulous presie was yummy dental sticks. I think they're supposed to be good for you but we puggies aren't too concerned with that (although Mommy is. She's crazy like that). We just couldn't wait to get our teeth into them (Mommy has to watch us very carefully with treats like these because we love them so much, we eat them in minutes).

Daisy had a good sniff before digging in for a good chew (as you can see she was eating grass seconds before Mommy opened the package).

Yep. These dental stix sure get the puggie seal of approval. Yum!

More yummies! We love Carry Outs. They are one of our favorite treats.

Mommy couldn't get a picture of us actually eating the treats though because as soon as Daddy tossed us one, we ate it all up in a blur. Here I am waiting very patiently like a good girl.

And finally we got lovely pink bandanas!

I look cuter than Daisy of course but I guess she looks pretty cute too.

Thanks again to Tybalt for the great gifts and to Liss for such a wonderful idea!

Pug love from,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Desert Lake

It's me! Daisy! I know I'm a few weeks late but I wanted to share pictures of our trip to Desert Lake, Ontario. It was great! I'd never been to a "cottage" or a "lake" but I had lots of fun. Mommy brought my food and bones and my sister so I was happy baby pug.

Speaking of my sister, she was much braver than me. She liked to sit on the dock but I liked to sit on the grass near the dock.

She even stood right by the edge of the dock when Mommy was in swimming:

Mommy saw her and picked her up IN THE WATER!!!! Mommy tried this with me and I wiggled and scratched. Mommy put me back on the dock and said she'd never try that again. But Pearl likes the water for some reason.

She even swam! Well, okay. She doesn't really swim. Mommy has to hold her but she HAD FUN!!!! Boy, my big sister is one brave crazy pug.

There were lots of other animals with us at the lake. These guys are called "loons" and they make pretty singing noises. They came so close to the dock, Mommy had to take about 100 pictures.

Nobody was crazy about this guy. He was very big and very scary. Thankfully he stayed under the dock most of the time:

This guy was also big but not very scary. He flew into my head a few times. I tried to catch him but he was very fast:

The smallest cats in the world were INSIDE the cottage. Mommy called them "kittens". I tried to catch them to play with them but they didn't want to play with me. Too bad. We could have had fun. Here's Miss Bella:

And here is Max:

And this is me! Sitting by the dock hoping dinner is soon.

We have LOTS more pictures but Mommy thinks these were some of the best.

We hope everyone is having a good summer!

Pug love from,