Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pug Day in the Lab

Pearl here!

Last week, Mommy got me and my sister all ready and put us in the car.

Us: "Where are we going, Mom?"

Mommy: "You'll see. It's surprise."

Oh, great! We love surprises. As long as it's not a surprise visit to the groomers to get our nails done or a surprise visit to the vets to get our anal glands drained.

But no! This was a good surprise! We went to see Daddy at work in the big place called "oonivercity" where Daddy does all sorts of important stuff like eat lunch and play raquetball. First, we had to walk down a long important hallway.

Then I stopped to take my picture with some important banner.

After that we went up to Daddy's lab where we visited with some of the nice students who work there.

And then the best thing in the world happened! Dr. Jeff, an important scientist at the oonivericty, got a hold of Daisy and attached thingies to her head!!!

Daisy wasn't too sure about it but I was like, "Yes!!! Do whatever important science things you want to my stinky sister!"

When she was all hooked up, Dr. Jeff showed us that Daisy's brain actually worked. Ha. Could have fooled me.

After all that hard work and visiting, it was time for treats. I, of course, got first dibs from Dr. Jeff.

Then Daddy shared an apple with me and my sister the Stinkmeister.

After that we were pretty much done for dinner.

Which reminded us "Hey, it's time to eat!" So Mommy brought us home but we're sure it won't be long before we'll go back to visit Daddy at work where they can do more science stuff to Daisy!