Thursday, May 29, 2008

More meat, please!

We went over to our friend's house the other day and our Uncle Pete gave us meat! And lots of it! It was fantastic! I don't know why Mommy and Daddy don't give us more meat! We would pay much more attention to them!

Here's me and my sister Daisy being very very good while waiting for more ham (although really, I'm being a lot better than Daisy. She doesn't even really sit all the way down. And look at her silly pink tongue. Sheesh):

We also played with our friend Rosie while we there. We think she looks like a cuddly teddy bear:

We can't wait for another Meat Visit. Yay!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pug Memorial Day Picnic

Pearl here! On Saturday, Mommy took us to the most funnest party ever! It was held at our pug meet up organizer's house. She has the biggest back yard in the world! And I'm not exaggerating because I never exaggerate! I'm not usually too into the pug meet ups. I mean, there's all these other pugs there, but I like to be outside and I had fun this time.

This is Daisy waiting to go. She knew something was up because Mommy put her collar on and got the dog bag out:

Daisy was a little shy at the beginning. She sat and sniffed some other puggies and toes:

But soon she was saying hi to a lot of doggies and not just puggies!

And before you knew it she was running around like a wild thing:

As for me, I took a different approach. I sat in the shade near Mommy and the food table (you can't see it in this picture but believe you me it's real close by!)

After racing around like a crazy creature, Daisy too finally flopped down and relaxed:

I can't wait for the next puggie event. As long as there's grass and food, I'll be there!

Help Stop Puppy Mills in Pennysylvania

The ASPCA is sponsoring a petition to amend the Pennsylvannia Dog Law which will help improve conditions in kennels. To read more and sign the petition go to the Care2 Petitionsite.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Pearl is going to be posting some pictures from our Pug Meet Up on the weekend later today!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

This week we have another installment of "Thirteen Strange Places to Find a Pug" or "Spot the Pug". Pearl and/or Daisy are in each of the pictures below. Can you spot them? Can you believe where they've been?!

1. On the African savannah:

2. With these weird aliens:

3. In a hot air balloon:

4. In a birdhouse (that was a tight fit):

5. With Cirque du Soleil:

6. At the Indy 500:

7. In the new Indiana Jones movie:

8. At the Keebler tree house (I hope Pearl brought back some cookies!):

9. With these giant Hollywood lizards:

10. In London waiting to use the phone:

11. In the Outback:

12. In the Wizard of Oz:

13. With a ladies tea party in the 1900s (they must have used their time traveling machine):

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For Daddy

Daddy (aka Andy) was complaining about today's pictureless post so after visiting other blogs and noting a number of doggies dressed in yellow rain coats (i.e. Pug & Bugg), I thought I'd dig out a picture of Pearl in her yellow raincoat (it wasn't raining when this picture was taken).

Meme Fun

Liss and Herbie tagged us for a meme! Here are our answers:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Living - gasp! - pug free in my home town of Montreal, Quebec (but I really really wanted a pug and was waiting until we moved out of our no dogs allowed apartment). I had a part-time job and was writing.

2. Five Things on my to-do list today:
Walk pugs
Get a new propane tank for the bbq
Write letters to my old boss and thesis advisor asking for references for grad school
Go to the post office
Make chicken soup

3. Three snacks I enjoy:
Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar
Cadbury eggs (sensing a theme here?)

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Buy a vacation home. No, buy 3 vacation homes - one in Ontario, one in Florida and one in NYC. Pay bills. Buy an alpaca farm and a puggie stroller.

5. Three of my bad habits:
Biting the inside of my mouth
Driving too fast
Leaving clothes on the floor

6. Five places I have lived:
Montreal, Quebec
London, Ontario
Glasgow, Scotland
Barassie, Scotland
Denton, Texas

7. Five jobs I have had:
Feather earring maker
Figure skating coach
Aerobics instructor
Office temp
Research assistant

I tag anyone who wants to play! Now, I need to go and do one of the things on my list - walk the pugs.