Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No nails thanks

Pearl here.

Today Mommy told us we had to go to the groomer's to get our nails done and we said, "No thanks. We'll just sit here together." (even though I really don't like sitting in the same bed as my sister, sometimes a pug's gotta do what a pug's gotta do)

Mommy didn't listen. We had to go and get tortured anyway. At least we got treats and a nice new stuffie guy for Christmas!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Snow what

Daisy here!

So the other day, I was pretty worrieds as you can see by my face here.

Mom & Dad got me all ready and we took a drive. But where were we going?

I had to keep an close eye out especially when Dad took a detour and stopped at the grocery store (I got to sit on Mom's lap while we waited! That was pretty exciting because they always make me sit in the back with my seat belt on.)

Then finally, we drove here:

Can you guess? It's the park! And it was about a million degrees below zero! Even though I have a very thick coat and my body was nice and warm, my little paws got cold on the snow so Mom picked me up and took me back to the road. Whew. Much better.

Mom says she wishes I'd wear little booties and I say, "Mom, you're a crazy lady. No way am I wearing booties."

But I would like a nice little sled. Santa? Are you listening?