Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom went to Target

Pearl here!

There's a new Target right down the road. Though I've never been to Target, Mommy says it's da bomb! She went there the other night and bought us these:

They are harness vests which means they are both a harness AND a vest! Great, huh?!

Yeah, we weren't so sure about them either at first but Mommy just loves them so they must be good. She says we can wear them in the rain (what the heck?! We don't go out in the rain!!!) and when it's a bit chilly outside. Mommy says they are made of "reflective" material too so everyone will see us. Well, we LOVE that so we're giving two paws up to our new Target vests!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas in July!!!

Pearl here!

We are so excited! A package came the other day! It was from the Taylor Catsssss who we were paired with for Christmas in July. Our friend Liss organized the whole thing.

"Hey, Mom," we said. "Open that box. It's got our names on it!"

"Oooh, what do we have here?" Softy lamby-kins - one for each of us.

We both started playing right away with our new toys. Then Mommy got out the beautiful flannels - there were 4. Here's Daisy playing on one (another one went on my chair in the living room right away).

Those cats must be real smart, too, because they got us a book. This one is adorable with all kinds of cute pictures and words that Mommy can read to us.

So that's a lot of super cool, great stuff right? But there was more! We each got a new BED!!!! Daisy dove into hers a second after it was out of the box.

I got into mine in a much more ladylike way and then chewed on my new stuffie.

Ahhh, life doesn't get better this.

Thank you so much Taylor Catsssss (5 s's because there are 5 of them!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

We're back!

Daisy here!

We went on the longest drive EVER - even longer than the drive to Montreal! This time, though, we drove all the way to Bethany Beach, Delaware.

The big drive was worth it thought because we had so much fun on our vacation! The house had a deck where I could sit and bark at everyone who passed by (but I'm nice and quiet in the picture)!

I also got to sit on Daddy's lap! We do that at home too but it was even better at our beach cottage.

Pearl had fun, too. She played with me and Mommy and then barked at Mommy because that's what she does!

She watched "Supernatural" from the couch with me and Mommy:

At first, we weren't sure about where to do our business because all they had was this weird white grass which isn't grass at all but rocks! But after a pee or two, we got the hang of it.

One of the best night's there, we went to the beach and met the nicest people from Virginia - and their pug, Lily!

Me and Lily even sat together. I tried to write "my new bff" in the sand but I was so excited I forgot.

Mommy calls this shot "The Three Amigos".

We also met another doggie named, Buster. She was a sweetie and liked to sit on the blanket her parents brought for her.

Pearl ate a lot of sand. She tried to tell Mommy she was just licking her paws but Mommy didn't believe her.

The ocean scared me, but Pearl was very brave and ran right into it!

And then when the ocean tried to eat her, she ran right back.

Our week was so fun, that we didn't want to leave. Pearl even tried to stop Mommy from filling our bags but Mommy found a way to fill the bags anyway.

We're happy to be home after all but we hope we go back to Delaware next year even if it is the farthest place away on the planet.