Monday, May 26, 2008

Pug Memorial Day Picnic

Pearl here! On Saturday, Mommy took us to the most funnest party ever! It was held at our pug meet up organizer's house. She has the biggest back yard in the world! And I'm not exaggerating because I never exaggerate! I'm not usually too into the pug meet ups. I mean, there's all these other pugs there, but I like to be outside and I had fun this time.

This is Daisy waiting to go. She knew something was up because Mommy put her collar on and got the dog bag out:

Daisy was a little shy at the beginning. She sat and sniffed some other puggies and toes:

But soon she was saying hi to a lot of doggies and not just puggies!

And before you knew it she was running around like a wild thing:

As for me, I took a different approach. I sat in the shade near Mommy and the food table (you can't see it in this picture but believe you me it's real close by!)

After racing around like a crazy creature, Daisy too finally flopped down and relaxed:

I can't wait for the next puggie event. As long as there's grass and food, I'll be there!


The Devil Dog said...

Glad you had fun today. It is always smart to hang by the food. I do it too. I like to be outside, but it was hot today, so I was glad to go back in.


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Looks like a great party! Meeting all those friends there. Like you said... with grass and food too!
Kisses and hugs

Liss said...

That looks like a great picnic!

Clover said...

Hi you cute puggie girls!
Love your meetup pictures. I went to my pug meetup this last weekend too! I had a fun time as well.
Love Clover xo

Unknown said...

Oh, it looks like you girls had a fun weekend.
To answer your mommy's question - yes, the ladypug does derive from my love of ladybugs and my husband's ability to produce puns at the drop of a hat.
Sometimes it gets out of hand.....

Frances Louise said...

Daisy is so cute! It's good she gets along well with all those other inferior breeds of dogs.

*sigh* wish we had a meet-up here . . .

alanajonesmann said...

that looks like a relaxing day

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

We didn't get them!!! :( Re-send to that's two g's in bugg. We will definitely post them!

Oh and your memorial day looks SO fun!

Kitty71 said...

aww, I love the pic of Daisy before you left - it's quite a contrast to the "after" pic, LOL.

I'm glad you guys had fun!!