Thursday, April 2, 2009

True Colours Thursday

Daisy here!

This week's colour is SCARLET!

Daddy's piggy bank which looks just like a Canadian mailbox

A Mommy stuffie


Mommy's Bollywood dance costume

A military figure Daddy painted

Mommy's Swatch watch featuring a rat from the Chinese New Year 2008

Blue hosts this meme so if you want to play, too, drop by her blog!


Tibby said...

Hi Pearl & Daisy!
You sure found some lovely scarlet things! Great job!
:) Tibby

Sue said...

Daisy - you look beautiful in red! It's your color. Pearl, I wish I could cozy up with you.

Pugsley said...

You did a PAWSOME job finding SCARLET things!!!

Have a GREAT Friday!!!

Liss said...

Your daddy paints good

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pearl and Daisy!
You have great scarlet things!
Good job!
Kisses and hugs

Brill said...

I got the Swatch for this year- year of the Ox which also has scarlet on x (I collect Swatches)

Pearl said...

I just love the color scarlet! Great job, girls!!!

Totally Timmy said...

I love red..can you do a bollywood dance?

Nevis said...

Love the stuffie!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

what a great scarlet post!

i love the one with pearl!

happy friday!