Saturday, February 1, 2014

An oldie but not a goodie

Pearl here!

Well, I was not happy to find this picture of me on mommy's computer. What the heck was she thinking putting a sock on my head?! I can't remember because this picture was taken a very long time ago. Maybe when I was about 5.

I think to make up for such sock abuse, mom should take me out in my sled again. We went out a few weeks ago to the big park, but the snow hasn't been so good lately. So mom, make it snow!!! And then take me sledding.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Helping out a friend

Our dear friend Tweedles had some very serious health issues recently which meant she had to have some scary surgeries. She is doing much better now but her vet bills were very very high. Some very kind ladies - Ann of Zoolatery and Marg of Marg's Animals - have a blog they have set up to help animals in need. They have set up a lovely auction to help raise money for Tweedles' family to help pay for the surgeries she had.

There are some wonderful items up for bid! Stop by and see if there is anything that catches your eye. Then bid and bid often!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our new sled!

Pearl here!

So Santy Paws brought us a lovely red sled as an early Christmas present. I think it's pretty awesome especially since Mommy gives us treats to sit it in. Here she is coaxing us in:

And guess who was the good girl and stayed in the sled while Mommy pulled it? Me!!! So I guess I will be getting more treats.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No nails thanks

Pearl here.

Today Mommy told us we had to go to the groomer's to get our nails done and we said, "No thanks. We'll just sit here together." (even though I really don't like sitting in the same bed as my sister, sometimes a pug's gotta do what a pug's gotta do)

Mommy didn't listen. We had to go and get tortured anyway. At least we got treats and a nice new stuffie guy for Christmas!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Snow what

Daisy here!

So the other day, I was pretty worrieds as you can see by my face here.

Mom & Dad got me all ready and we took a drive. But where were we going?

I had to keep an close eye out especially when Dad took a detour and stopped at the grocery store (I got to sit on Mom's lap while we waited! That was pretty exciting because they always make me sit in the back with my seat belt on.)

Then finally, we drove here:

Can you guess? It's the park! And it was about a million degrees below zero! Even though I have a very thick coat and my body was nice and warm, my little paws got cold on the snow so Mom picked me up and took me back to the road. Whew. Much better.

Mom says she wishes I'd wear little booties and I say, "Mom, you're a crazy lady. No way am I wearing booties."

But I would like a nice little sled. Santa? Are you listening?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cloud nine

Daddy couldn't believe Mommy came home with another bed for me the other day. He said we already have too many, but Mommy saw this and couldn't resist. I have pretty much been in this bed since she brought it home. Dad calls it the lifeboat or dinghy but I call it "Cloud Nine".

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pointy buildings and scary fish

Hello! Pearl here.

Can you tell where we were last week?

Toronto! Daisy and I didn't get to see this pointy building that costs about a thousand dollars to take to the top.

But we did enjoy the place we rented while there. Well, I was enjoying it on my own:

Until Daisy snuggled up onto my space. Good grief. Look how big she looks - a big GOOF that is.

I had to tell Mom to put me in the bed where Daisy won't go.

While we were relaxing Mom and Dad went see these guys at the new aquarium (Dad has talked about getting an aquarium. I sure hope he never gets fish like this for it - there will be no kibble left because you can tell by just looking at these two that they are piggies)

Mom really liked the jellyfish display. I think, what's the big deal? It glows and it's stringy. Hmmm...maybe it's good to eat though, right?

Next time, maybe we will go with Mom and Dad to that aquarium and I'll push Daisy into the shark tank. heehee That would teach her not to steal my blankie space!