Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hi! It's the Easter Puggie here wishing everyone a very happy Easter! And to say that my sister is not such a great Easter puggie because she wouldn't wear the ears. I'm not sure why but every time Mommy puts anything on her, she tries to take it off which is like CRAZY because you get treats when you wear stuff. Everypuggie knows that.

This is the longest Daisy wore the ears for - a whole half a second:

We hope everyone is having a good one!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo look khute...but I know how Daisy feels!

My mom knows better than to even khonsider them fur me!

Hoppy Sunday!


A Tail of 2 Doggies said...

What is it about moms always wanting to put dumb stuff on our heads?

Lorenza said...

Happy Easter cute bunnies!
Kisses and hugs

Liss said...

Happy Easter, you look so cute!

Salinger The Pug said...

Awwww! SO cute in your bunny ears!

Mom made me wear my easter tie, but no ears...thankfully!!!

Hope you lovely ladies had a fabulous Easter!


Hank said...

Well, you girls really ARE too cute, I tell ya what!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my goodness!
what cute pictures! i just love them and pearl's face always makes me just melt.

what sweet puggies you have!

Pearl said...

Hehehe Oh name-twin! How sweet do you look in those bunny ears!?

I can relate to Daisy, though. I am a terror when it comes to clothes and/or accessories. I am a nudist.


The Devil Dog said...

Oh, I can't blame her. Maybe they pinched her ears.


The Devil Dog said...

Pearl & Daisy,
We wanted to thank you for your kind words after Jill's passing. They were very much appreciated.

Roxy, Lucky, Mom, Dad & PlusOne

Anonymous said...

Pear you look absolutely adorable with those bunny ears! I hope you and Daisy got a treat for wearing them.. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops... should have proof read my post first! I meant Pearl!

Pugsley said...

Happy Easter to you too!! I sure am glad my mom didn't have bunny ears for me. I hate costumes!!

Have a great week!!

Tibby said...

Hi Pearl!
You are the cutest Easter Puggie I have ever seen! It's too bad Daisy didn't want to wear them, I bet she would have looked cute too! I hope you had a fabulous Easter!
:) Tibby

Nancy and the fatties said...

You look so cute in your bunny ears! Annie thinks they are a toy and Howie just looks miserable when he has his on!

Nevis said...


Jemima Jones Beck said...

Yeah, treats are worth almost anything!
Jemima Jones Beck

Clover said...

Oh Pearl! You are such an adorable Easter Puggie! You are a pawesome model.
Love Clover xo