Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Meet Up

Daisy here! We had a special Meet Up on the weekend. It was for Valentine's Day and I had a lot of important things to do.

First, I had to greet people. I find they like it best when I sit at their feet. It makes it easy for them to pat me and I know that's exactly what they want to do.

Then I had to make sure this little boy was okay. He was lying on the floor for minutes before I came along to lick his face. I don't know what he would have done if I hadn't rescued him!

Then I had to make a new friend - Winston!

I think he liked me. He even gave me a kiss! I wonder if this makes us Valentine sweethearts? Hmmm....

After kissing my new friend, I then had to enter the kissing contest. I was pretty pooped by the time I had to compete and so I only managed one little bitty kissy. It was so fast Mommy didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.

My little kissy wasn't much but my friend, Benny gave the bestest, lickiest kisses ever! Here is post-competition relaxing.

While I was busy doing all my important pug stuff, Pearl was toodling around the place making sure everything was in order - and looking for cookies.

And Mommy was buying raffle tickets for this super duper pug lamp.

When Pearl didn't find any cookies, she decided to relax.

And pretty soon we were both so tuckered out, we had to lie down.

People were laughing at how pooped we were but they didn't know all the work we did! We're pretty sure if they had, they would have been tired just hearing about it and would have plunked down beside us.


Pearl said...

you two worked so hard at the meet-up!

I love that lamp! I sure hope your momma won it!!!

Rachel said...

that sounds like a lot of fun! And that pug lamp is awesome - did your mommy win it??

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, you two worked super hard. No wonder you were tired. It's a pity humans just don't understand how hard we work, and how easy we make it look.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Daisy and Pearl!
Looks like your Valentine's Meet Up was pawesome!
Glad you enjoyed it!
Kisses and hugs

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi pearl and daisy!
oh what a great day!

your mom always take the best photos!

m & e

Rosie said...

2 pooped pugs - good work!!

Anonymous said...

That was a work filled day, but fulfilling too, I'm sure. After it is not every day you get to help a little boy, let people pat such cuteness, & get kisses from cutie Winston!!! Great Job! The only way it could have been any better is if Pearl could have found a cookie!


Sandra y Coco said...

What a fun meetup! We didn't go to our valentine's day meetup because the pug picnic was the next day... daddy wouldn't go to 2 pug events in the same weekend. Mommy did want to go, there was a kissing contest!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that sounds like so much fun!
I really need to look into pug meets up around here :)

Totally Timmy said...

so tired..I have been researching pugs and have come across all these wonderful and entertaining blogs. You pug people sure know how to have fun!

martha said...

You did a great job of taking care of all your pug meet up duties!!

And I can't believe that I've missed out on the existence of pug lamps! I loooove all of my pug paraphernalia that I've accumulated, and I'd love to add that lamp to my collection of pug stuff!

Salinger The Pug said...

That lamp is SO cool!

It looks like you lovely ladies had a great time at your meetup!

You have some very cute friends too!!!