Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Mean to Me Elimination Diet

Daisy here. See how sad I am?

That's because when we went to the vet this week to see about the redness on my belly and some very dark spots on my skin,

he said I'm not allowed any more treats because I have allergies. None. Nada. Not one. Not a piece of apple. Not banana. Not cauliflower. Not the yummy meaty treats that come in a bag. The only thing I am allowed is green beans. Don't get me wrong, I love beans but I also love everything else.

Mommy and Daddy have been trying to fool me, too. When Daddy gets his apple out and gives some to Pearl, he pretends he's giving me some and gives me bean instead. I don't let on that I know what's going on. I mean, who's going to look a gift bean in the mouth?

At least my sister snuggled with me this week. Though she sometimes lets me lie beside her this is the first time she's ever come and put her head on me. I think she was giving me love because she can't give me bananas.

I'm on this incredibly mean to Daisy diet for a couple of weeks and I have to take medication (two kinds!) AND I have to have my belly washed AND lotioned until I go back to see the doctor.

In other news...this is a plant stand Mommy has in her office:

And this is me in the plant stand:

When Daddy saw this picture he asked if Mommy had put me in there. Yeah right! Mommy would never think of something like that. That move is all me!


Tibby said...

Hi Daisy!
You do look terribly sad! I hope you can eat those other yummy treats again soon! You look very cute under that plant stand, it's just the right size for you!
:) Tibby

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi daisy!

oh you are so cute. look at those sad face pictures!

your sissy is taking good care of you.

don't worry sweetie! you will still get lots of yummies.

green beans are so good for you!

m & e

Lorenza said...

Hi, Daisy!
Allergies are not fun!
I know is too bad you can't have treats but I hope that works for you and you will be better!
That last picture is adorable!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Ruth said...

Poor Daisy! You sure do look sad. Maybe you will get extra toys and tummy rubs because you can't have treats.

I love that picture of you and Pearl together. I think deep down she feels bad that you can't have treats and wanted to give you a hug.

Hope you feel better soon!


Rachel said...

ooooh, poor Daisy!! But your sister sure is being sweet to make up for it.
You are too funny in that plant stand.

The Devil Dog said...

Oh poor Daisy. That is a mean to you diet, but you don't want to be sick and have allergies. I hear they are no fun. As for your sister giving you loving, that's great. Now you have to let her do it more often. I bet she will, now that you let her do it once.


Rosie said...

Hi Daisy,
That red belly looks like it might hurt and be itchy - One of the cats I live with (# 3) has allergies and he has to get a shot to make it all better. Eating beans instead of fruit sounds better than a shot!!

Frances Louise said...

Aww Daisy. I am sorry that you can't have any treats -- that is so unfair. Stupid allergies!

But you look super-adorable under the plant stand!

Anonymous said...

Poor Daisy! That is a VERY sad face. Who would ever put such a cute girl on a mean to Daisy diet! It just doesn't sound right! I just hope that mean ole diet works for you & helps your allergies.


Nevis said...

Aww...poor Daisy! And you look adorable under the planter..>!

Puglette said...

hi pearl and daisy! what sad pictures,daisy...but i agree, once you know what makes the allergy bumps, treats will be back! and you look verysweet under the plant stand.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor little thing!! I hope you feel better!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Such a sad face! We have a dog who has allergies. One of her very favourite treats were Cheetos (and any type of fruits and veggies). She was so sad when she was not allowed to have those things anymore. We have since been able to increase the types of foods she is given and after SO long of trying different kibbles, found one that she doesn't react to (the next step would have been raw food diet if she didn't respond to the kibble she's on now).

Keep on truckin' - it'll get better.


Brill said...

Daisy I hope your allergy gets all cleared up soon. A lady in work her dog had a bout of pancreatitis before Xmas so she couldn't give it any of the festive (fatty?) treats she'd bought it. I'm glad you consider 'healthy' things like banana, apple, and cauliflower treats :)