Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Ready

Pearl here!

I don't really like Halloween very much. I don't get to eat any of the treats, strangers who I can't lick come to the door and Pugoween is full of doggies. But Daisy likes going to the puggie events and so Mommy signed them up to go to Pugoween in a couple of weeks. Last night we were going through my old costumes to see what fit Daisy. Mommy let me wear one of my old costumes too. It's a cozy one.

For some reason the next two pictures make Mommy laugh so much she nearly pees her pants:

This is the costume Daisy is going to wear - an old skunk costume Mommy made for me a few years ago.

It looked better on me but I suppose she looks okay too.

Happy weekend everyone!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Daisy and Pearl!
You two look great wearing your costumes!
I loved your pictures!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi daisy and pearl!
oh you both look so cute! i love your photos!
m & e

Jemima Jones Beck said...

A Cow and a Skunk. How cute!
Jemima Jones Beck

Sequoia & Petunia Best Pug Sisters! said...

Thats ok Pearl, look at what I have to wear this year! I'm a freakign Chicken. Poor Tuni has to wear my costume from last year so Daisy shouldn't feel like the only dog that gets hand me downs! Happy Pugoween to ya both!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sue!
thank you so much for yoru sweet comments! here is a post that has links to the class i am in and the next one i signed up for.
registration is still open for both classes. the one i am doing next starts oct 31 and the one i am in now starts again in feb.

Clover said...

Aw! You both look adorable!!
Love Clover xo

The Devil Dog said...

Those photos are very, very funny. And cute. The costumes are a hoot.


Anonymous said...

Oh Pearl you are so cute in your costume... I totally agree with your mommy!! :)

And Daisy looks adorable as a skunk.. does that mean you guys are both stinkers? lol

Nevis said...

LMAO at the cow outfit!! ha ha ha ha!!!!!

martha said...

From Bennie:

Hi Pearl and Daisy! You both look really good in your costumes. I'm glad to know my mom's not the only one who's obsessed with me wearing a costume. I'm gonna be a policeman with a hat and handcuffs and everything. I might arrest mom if she doesn't lay off the "outfits".
Love, Bennie

From Martha:

Hi Beautiful Girls! I think you look terrific in your costumes, and if you knock on my door, I'll be handing out doggie treats!
Love, Martha

Sandra y Coco said...

Pearl you look totally cute! we should participate in the group contest (Come see my video at my blog)

george said...
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